Drupal 8 was recently released earlier in 2016, and some people have already upgraded to it. However, others have held off. These users question whether or not the upgrade is truly necessary or if it brings any great changes with it. After all, some upgrades do not. However, the good news is Drupal 8 is faster, easier, and better than previous versions, and it’s definitely worth the upgrade. Here are 10 reasons why you should upgrade to this new version of Drupal.

1. New Content Creation Features

Drupal 8 makes it faster and easier to create and edit your content. You’ll find that the content creation section has been revised to feature two columns, one for content fields and the other for different settings. You also have a new WYSIWYG editor that has all of the formatting buttons right up front. You can quickly and effortlessly click on any of your content fields and instantly edit it without going into the back-end.

2. Responsive Design

Drupal 8 is more mobile-friendly than ever before. The new toolbar is also responsive, orienting to your mobile screens or desktop PC as needed. Everything needed to create mobile sites and edit all of your content from your mobile devices is at your fingertips. Sites are also optimized for mobile, only loading JavaScripts when needed and caching entities to improve performance.

3. Twig

Drupal 8 makes use of Twig, a part of Symfony2. This framework has replaced the older template theme system that ran on PHP. Now creating your own custom layouts is quick and easy. This means developers no longer need to know PHP—everything can be done using a syntax similar to HTML and CSS. This makes it much easier to build new applications and learn how to modify Drupal.

4. Multiple Language Features

Drupal 8 features a completely rewritten translation system featuring 100 different languages that can be installed quickly and easily. Once done, Drupal assigns a language to every piece of content and can quickly translate any part of the back-end or displayed content into any installed language. Fewer modules are needed, too—4 Drupal 8 modules do the translation work that Drupal 7 needed a few dozen to do.

5. It’s Accessible

Drupal 8 is even more accessible than ever before. You can easily change the font sizes and color contrast, plus use HTML5 to make custom interactions. The new JavaScript tools allow developers to make applications more accessible, too. Everything is more integrated and designed for ease of use.

6. A Build-In Configuration System

Another great feature is the built-in configuration system. This system, which is implemented at the file level, is very flexible and allows you to develop your website anywhere from your desktop folder to your cloud-based web server. With stronger version control, you’ll always have a record of any changes made, making it easier to control access and sharing.

7. Views is Now a Core Module

You’ll make use of views a lot when you’re putting together your website, and Drupal 8 now makes switching to these views quicker and easier by making it a core module. See your posts, graphs, photos, and anything else with just a few clicks.

8. It’s More Data-Driven

Everything is about big data these days, which is why Drupal 8 aims to help businesses create websites that are data-driven. You’ll get all of the information you need to see how and where to improve your website.

9. Direct Access to Fields via HTML5

With HTML5 coding now a part of Drupal 8, directly accessing fields such as the date, time, phone, email, and more makes it very easy to write code for your site. It’s also easier to create compatible elements, and learning how to customize the theme-based templates takes virtually no time.

10. It’s Dynamic

Great websites change as the market and the consumer’s need changes. If you want to keep ahead of your competition, you’ve got to be on top of these needs and make changes to your content, services, and offerings as quickly as you can. Drupal 8 offers unparalleled dynamic tools that allow you to change your site without a lot of work or time investment.

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