Drupal Mobile Website Design
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Drupal Mobile Website Design

Do you expect your Drupal site to be mainly viewed on a mobile device? With more and more people using mobile devices as their main way of using the internet, it’s highly likely that your site will be viewed on smartphones and tablets. With a mobile website, your Drupal site can easily be viewed on these devices.

Mobile Verses Traditional Sites

Traditional websites often make use of Flash or other types of navigation that do not always display correctly on mobile platforms. The text may take up a large amount of the screen, or, conversely, there may be large graphics or videos that aren’t resized to fit the smaller viewing area. Your traditional website may be much too large for viewing on a mobile space without the user doing a lot of zooming in and scrolling around.

A mobile site, on the other hand, is optimized for the smaller screen. The text is kept short and is broken into much shorter paragraphs. Images are resized. Navigation is kept to a minimum and is made as simple as possible. By doing this, you invite potential customers to view your site no matter where they are.

Optimizing your Drupal Site for Mobile

Our team understands all of the tips and tricks needed to make a Drupal site display correctly on mobile. We will work with you to make certain that your site is displayed as it should be. If it’s not, we’ll adjust anything that’s needed until it does.

What Our Happy Users Are Saying

"Drupal Edge managed to launch our new website and double our search engine traffic in six weeks." - Christian Motz, Axim Aerospace

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