Drupal Multisite Services
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Drupal Multisite Services

One of the unique options Drupal offers is their multisite option. This feature lets you create several different sites that all link to the same Drupal codebase. This makes it much easier to manage your code while running a number of different sites. It’s also much simpler to launch another new Drupal site since you don’t have to create a new codebase for it. Just link everything together and you’re set!

Is Multisite Right for You?

If you’re running multiple websites that all rely on Drupal, our multi-site services may be very helpful. This is especially true if all of those websites or projects are very similar. If you link all of these sites to the same codebase, it makes it much easier for your IT department to manage everything. You don’t have multiples of everything running on your servers. That can get costly in terms of resources.

It’s also beneficial to your content managers. With multisite, you can actually manage all of the content from one single interface. It’s even possible to update different websites with the same content at once. You’ll be able to greatly reduce the amount of time you spend managing content and handling your various Drupal sites.


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What We Offer

If you’d like to create a Drupal multisite, we can assist you in setting up your codebase and creating multiple Drupal sites. If you already have Drupal pages, we can migrate them into the multisite, too. We’ll even assist your team in learning how to manage your multisite and its content so that you can handle as much of it as you’d like. Of course, we’re here for support and maintenance, too.

What Our Happy Users Are Saying

"Drupal Edge managed to launch our new website and double our search engine traffic in six weeks." - Christian Motz, Axim Aerospace

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