Drupal Security
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Drupal Security

With cyber-attacks on the rise, we know no business can afford to let their guard down. Our security experts will shore up your vulnerable points, providing extra protection where it’s needed most.

We use a cloud-based approach that we pair with crowdsourcing to gather real data. This data allows us to better understand security vulnerabilities and predict where attacks will come from. We understand our clients are likely to come under attack on a daily basis, so we are dedicated to offering the strongest security measures possible.

How We Do It

When we start our security process, we first evaluate your site’s current security. This gives us an idea of what you’ve already protected and where your security vulnerabilities might be.

Want to know where you might be vulnerable? We will do a free audit of your website to determine your security status. Simply click below and sign up for this audit by providing your website address and other basic information. You’ll then receive an email with the results. This is a great tool that can help you see the risks you’re facing, and it’s completely free.


After the audit is done, we will review the results with you. We’ll discuss how we can help you over the phone or through a video conference, including specific strategies to deal with your security vulnerabilities.
If you’ve already signed up for an audit, someone from our team may have already contacted you. If not, click below to schedule your conference call so we can help you determine your risks and vulnerabilities.


Once we’ve finished our audit of your site and discussed the results with you, we will create a plan for improving your website’s security.


After we’ve agreed on what needs to be done to your site, we’ll get to work! We will address all of the security vulnerabilities discussed, making your site as secure as possible. We will also provide continued support as necessary, protecting your website for years.

We will keep on top of the latest threats to Drupal sites and address any new vulnerabilities we discover. We will keep your Drupal platform updated with the newest patches and versions to help reduce the risk of attack. We will also be here for any troubleshooting or other assistance you need.

Drupal Security Modules

While Drupal does have a number of different security modules to help protect your site, that doesn’t necessarily mean your site is 100% protected. Often, these modules do one thing really, really well, but no one module or even group of modules can provide protection for every area of your site. That’s why we go beyond the core code and modules to offer outstanding security for your entire website.


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Our Security Services

  • Full site security audits including code audits of custom modules and scripts
  • Full infrastructure and back-end security audits
  • Server security hardening
  • Resolving all security vulnerabilities
  • Firewall and Intrusion Protection System (IPS) recommendations
  • Regular site audits to ensure all systems are patched with the most recent versions
  • Regular site audits to ensure all system configurations meet required security policies
  • HIPAA, PCI DSS, FISMA, STIG, and other security standards
  • Company security policy creation and modification
  • Penetration Testing
  • Incident response and recovery
  • Database security audits

How we work

  • We check if your contributed modules or core code have been hacked
  • We create patches for hacked contributed modules or core code
  • We check for spam links and pages.
  • We check for hacks placed in the templates and/ or the database.
  • We review and remove the code inserted during the hack.
  • We take backup of the database.
  • We store code in a version control system (such as Git).
  • We run the pending updates (core and contributed modules) through Drush.
  • If your website has been hacked due to poor security at your web host we can move your website to a new host as part of the service.

What Our Happy Users Are Saying

"Drupal Edge managed to launch our new website and double our search engine traffic in six weeks." - Christian Motz, Axim Aerospace

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